Trigger point injections


When a muscle becomes tight, torn, or bruised, the point of origin for the injury is known as the trigger point. Trigger points can cause headaches, migraines and pain in other areas of the body such as the arms, legs, or back. Treating the pain at the trigger point is one of the most effective means of remedying these problems.

This can be treated with injections containing a mixture of medications that help the muscle relax and reduce inflammation. After a trigger point injection, blood flow to the area improves, flushing toxins, lactic acid and debris from the area, and allowing nourishing and oxygenated fresh blood to perfuse.

First, a doctor will need to find the trigger point. This is done through a physical exam wherein the doctor examines the muscles for knotted areas. Imaging is not needed to diagnose a trigger point.  Receiving a trigger point injection typically only takes 15 minutes. You may receive several injections at a single visit or over multiple visits.  Trigger point injections are very safe and effective.

All of our Family Medicine and Naturopathic providers perform trigger point injections at Taos Whole Health.

Many insurances including Medicare and Medicaid and many private insurances do cover trigger point injections.  Please check with your specific insurance company to confirm coverage.

Trigger point injections