A welcoming atmosphere with thoughtful and helpful staff. I've been with Dr. Hooper almost a year. She has an attention to detail and an overall easy going demeanor which helps tremendously for me to feel that she is listening and allowing me to choose a path of healing that I am most suited for. With, of course, proper guidance and a genuinely helpful personality. She seems to feel what I am feeling. My only regret it my improving health is that I won't get to see Dr. Hooper as often!

Johnny Hourihan

The whole staff is extremely friendly and professional. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a doctor for themselves or children.

One Tribe

Dr. AB and the staff here are A+++++. The building and artwork are comforting ; create a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of air and light. The vibe here is exceptional. As a child I had a legendary physician who really stuck by my family and I through intense pneumonia experience as well as other childhood sicknesses/ailments. Experiences here remind me of her and the care received during doctor’s visits as a kid.

Jeremy Allen

I've seen multiple practitioners in this office and have had excellent experiences. My primary care doc, Joanna Hooper, is caring and patient. She listens to all of my concerns and then discusses my options with care. As an integrative clinic, I enjoy that those options often include vitamins and lifestyle changes in addition to western medicine. I've seen a few other doctors in Taos before landing on TWH, and the biggest difference is that I never feel dismissed or diminished at this clinic.


The most wonderful thing to me about Taos Whole Health is the fact that it is women-led, women-run and all of the diverse practitioners are women. Hurrah! You can tell the difference when you walk in the door. Now located in the former midwifery building, a patient can almost feel the magic and profundity of birthing and new beginnings, nurturing and tender loving care, and awe for life and whole health.

Jeanne Green

"Because there is no compromise when it comes to your physical and mental health," is what I tell people when they ask me why I see Dr. Lilly.

When I first discovered the Taos Whole Health team I was a newly diagnosed cancer patient with lots of confusion about where to begin my fight. Under the direction and treatment of the TWH team I am now a courageous fighter in the battle for my own well being.

Steve E. Chavez

The arthritis in my lower back had become so painful that one day I could barely walk. If I could reach the floor with my hands by bending forward, I had to push upright with my hands walking up my thighs to help me to stand erect again. I could no longer sleep on my stomach without waking to debilitating back pain.

Michael "Ike" Levy

Taos Whole Health Integrative Care literally saved my life.

The unique, integrative approach intervened in my rapidly growing ovarian cancer. Working collaboratively with a conventional oncologist, Dr. Lilly-Marie Blecher and Dr. Joanna Hooper helped me go from first visit to necessary surgery swiftly and effectively. Through each step of this scary moment of diagnosis, Dr. Blecher and Dr. Hooper were astonishingly present and committed to my health. They held my hand in supportive ways while keeping me, as the patient, in the driver's seat.

Rivera Sun

Lilly and Joanna, Gorbachev and Reagan, Begin and Sadat, Pierre and Marie, Burns and Allen. Some folks are just meant to find each other, even if just for a sparkling moment in time, for the greater good of mankind. And that is exactly what happened last year in Taos.

D. Embler

After a year of being treated by practitioners in and out of the state of NM, the answer is Taos Whole Health.

The integration of Eastern and Western medicine is truly remarkable in healing.

Taos Whole Health is a marvelous team (practitioners and staff) of competent, loving caregivers.

We have our health back in a way that we could never imagine.