Nutritional Medicine


Nutritional Therapy is an individualized, whole-body approach to optimizing health.  Through comprehensive and individualized counseling sessions, you will work towards a personalized plan that is designed to help you reach and maintain your wellness goals. 

Work with Kristin to nourish your body with delicious, whole foods that will give your body the fuel it needs to heal and thrive.  Create sustainable habits that fit your lifestyle for the long term.  Because food is medicine.

Seasonal Cleanses

In addition to private therapy sessions, Kristin offers 21 day seasonal cleanses that nourish your body with nutrient dense, delicious, real food.   Transform to a healthier way of eating so you can feel your best.

Most cleanses use calorie restriction and extreme dietary changes to accomplish quick results, but the truth is, these options leave you hungry, grumpy and without lasting changes.

The Taos Whole Health, Whole Food Cleanse takes the guesswork out of what to eat with meal plans, recipes and support so you don’t have to spend time figuring out what to eat. 

If you feel sluggish, bloated, have brain fog, skin or sleep issues, or simply want to move to a healthier way of living, this cleanse is for you.   The Whole Food Cleanse will help regulate your metabolism, improve immune function and mental clarity. 

By removing inflammatory foods and eating nutrient dense whole foods, you will empower your body to detoxify, regulate energy while healing your gut, and improving immune function.

What people are saying:


Kristin Swim's clean eating program gave my husband and I a new awareness of the combinations of the foods we eat, helped us change some habits and set new awareness for future cooking and eating. We enjoyed her recipes and her guidance along our path to change!

~Courtney T

Kristin's extensive knowledge, her thoughtful, responsive, and empathetic guidance, and her dedication to helping me achieve optimal health have enabled me to make the necessary changes in my diet and lifestyle to feel my best.  Her seasonal cleanses always inspire me to honor my body and remember to nourish it appropriately.    

-Iris T.

I got a feeling of vitality back. I loved it. I had devolved to my children's level of eating, rarely eating enough vegetables. Within the first few days, my vision get better, I started sleeping great, and my children have started trying new things a little bit here and there. I also LOVED the shopping list and meal planning. I was totally failing on my own. I loved going to the store and having everything I needed for an entire week. That alone was grounding.

-Hannah B

 This cleanse was great during Covid-19 because we knew exactly what we were going to eat, and created some structure during a structureless time. We would shop once a week and buy everything on the list, and cook it throughout the week. None of the menus took much time to prepare, and by day #3 we were feeling significantly better, fitting into our clothes, sleeping better, and had more energy.  We actually started working out regularly again as well. My husband lost 30 pounds by day 16 of the cleanse. It has helped improve our eating habits, so I think we will continue to eat this way for at least a few more months. It's a good reminder of how quickly you can start feeling better with dietary changes.


It was a great opportunity to reset and think about what I put in my body. I learned about nutrient-dense foods and getting a better balance in my diet. I loved sharing the experience with others. The recipes, meal planning and shopping lists were all fabulous!

-Nikki R.

Nutritional Medicine