Myofascial Release Therapy


Myofascial Release Therapy is a gentle and effective pain relief therapy that targets long standing discomfort in your body’s fascial system. Myofascial Release is a unique form of physical therapy. It treats not only the injury, but the body as a whole via the fascial system. Our practitioners use the John F. Barnes method of MFR which is gentle and never forceful.

How it is different than massage & physical therapy?

A slow, gradual pressure allows the body’s tissue to re-organise without force, release physical restrictions and release the body’s unconscious holding and bracing patterns. The technique is very different to that of massage. Its aim is to offer the patient a long term pain relief solution, instead of a quick fix. It provides pain relief for a wide range of conditions including postural pain, arthritis, TMJ pain, fibromyalgia, and many more. It is a mild and gentle form of passive stretching that has a profound effect upon the body.

What to expect during a treatment

Myofascial work is done skin-on-skin using hands or elbows using moderate to gentle pressure; no oil or lotion is used.

The therapist may hold certain positions while waiting for the tissue to release. This is signified by a yielding or softening of the tissue.

You may be asked occasionally for feedback during the treatment and are free to halt or direct the therapist to an area of the body that needs attention at any stage.

  • What you'll notice
  • Softening of tightness
  • Easing of pain
  • Shifts in body alignment
  • The feeling of butter melting or taffy stretching as your restrictions release

What to expect after a treatment

Treatment may evoke emotion during and after the session. You may feel tender, stiff and/or tired post-treatment, but most feel immediate results in the form of more balance, greater ease in motion and overall openness.

Myofascial Release Therapy