Gua Sha (Lilly and Andrea)


Gua Sha has gained recent attention from social media skincare videos touting its many benefits for your face and neck. Most people are surprised to learn that this fad is actually an ancient Chinese medicine technique. Gua Sha can be utilized to treat chronic pain all over their body and has been proven to be beneficial to a host of medical conditions.

During a Gua Sha treatment, practitioners use a smooth-edged tool to stroke the skin while applying pressure. This motion raises small red dots visible beneath the skin called petechiae. Following the stroke lines that correlate with the circulation and movement of Qi, or life energy, Gua Sha supports overall wellness and vitality in addition to restoring and smoothing facia, helping lymphatic system drainage, relieving muscle tension and pain, and improving the immune system functioning.

Studies have shown Gua Sha to be effective in supporting a wide assortment of conditions, including Hepatitis B, migraines, neck pain, perimenopausal symptoms, breastfeeding difficulties, and even Tourette's syndrome.