Taos Whole Health Offers Six Week Adrenal Support Workshop

In a new six-week workshop, Taos Whole Health is offering a broad spectrum, comprehensive course on adrenal support from a Chinese, Ayurvedic, energetic, Naturopathic, Biologic, Allopathic, and nutritional perspective.

Half a dozen of the clinic’s doctors and practitioners have designed a 6-week interdisciplinary group wellness program to restore the body’s energy levels, immune system and ability to regulate stress.

Living with Food Sensitivities

Food gives us pleasure and is essential to our survival. However, depletion of our soils and other effects of our lifestyles seem to be producing an increased incident of food sensitivities.

If you struggle with digestive problems, fatigue, aches or difficulty concentrating, you may be experiencing signs of food intolerances or allergies. Many people assume that these issues come with aging, but often these problems can be alleviated by understanding which foods are causing disruptions in your body.